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Dec 4, 2016

For one of the biggest financial transactions in our lives, a lot of us don’t treat our wedding in a very business(y) way. We work hard for our money and hopefully find value and are mindful about the things that we invest in and spend our money on. On today’s show, I bring you an interview with an entrepreneur and author who I greatly admire, Danielle Tate. She is the founder and CEO of the name changing website and the author of Elegant Entrepreneur, The Female Founders Guide to Starting & Growing Your First Company. Danielle shares insights in to shifting your perspective when it comes to planning your wedding by taking a business mindset and using it in tasks to make wedding planning easier and your money of further, such as - Project management and being organised- being honest about your own goals when it comes to what you want, not what you think you should want. How to self-advocate, believe in your ideas and the processes that you set up. Problems are opportunities in disguise Reminding us that as a Bridechilla, you find opportunities and make situations work for you. Empowering you to build your Bridechilla team of helpers and allocate tasks. Getting off on the right foot and future planning for after the wedding Danielle shares her winning mantra ‘Never wish for it more than you work for it’, something I think we can use every day, in wedding planning and life in general. Finally, we enjoy some wonderful stories about name changes and then making sure you discuss whether or not you are planning to change your name before guests and family members order you a bunch of monogrammed gifts!

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