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Dec 4, 2016

Bridechillas and Groomchillas, your to-do list is no doubt super long and let’s face it, sampling wedding cakes are far more fun than researching, negotiating and securing a block of hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests. Unless you’re Melanie Marconi, today's fabulous guest from Melanie shares some very helpful advice about securing the best deal, negotiating and how to ensure that you don’t get tied about in a contract for rooms that you no longer need. As a self-professed room block fanatic, Melanie is a wealth of knowledge about the process and no matter where you live and where you are getting hitched, her advice will be super helpful to make sure that you know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to working with hotels and venues. Melanie and her team provide a highly customized, no-cost service that oversees the hotel room block process on your behalf. Their job is simply to make the process as easy and efficient as possible so you can concentrate on the most important aspects of your wedding planning. Information to the max on today’s show. Don’t miss it!

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