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Dec 8, 2016

A few months ago, I put out a request asking for your feedback about wedding planning forums. I have been lurking, making observations of the forums, especially the big forums that attract thousands of brides who are planning their weddings. Like the podcast, I think wedding planning forums are a great place to connect with like-minded brides who want to help each other and support each other through sharing ideas, inspiration and coming together as a community to make planning easier.

I received a bunch of emails and screen grabs of wedding forums posts from Bridechillas, that really surprised me in one way but then also knowing how people are and the anonymity that being a part of any forum can bring, they always attract a certain level of idiot. What upset me was an attitude of ‘you ask for our opinion and we giving it to you so don't get offended’. As listeners of the show are away I am quite open with my opinions but also encourage listeners to give their feedback and share their differences of opinion in an open forum without feeling that I am some sort of totalitarian leader who can't see why you wouldn't agree with me. I get the impression that they are lots of subgroups and clicky mean girls on these forums which quite frankly I don't have time for and being predictable behaviour and ‘my way or the highway’ attitudes to weddings bores me. As I said in this episode you don't have to be a member of forums and the real gift is that there are so many great resources out there, forums and websites podcasts, you can choose to not participate and indulge nasty shit. To my surprise, I did see a number of wedding vendor's participating in some pretty subpar behaviour on forums. Not great business moves in my opinion then perhaps it's a good reflection of who they are as people and how they choose to behave online in a very searchable way… I probably wouldn't be hiring after them reading some of the rubbish that they spurt, so perhaps they attract the people that they deserve. Yikes, my one hopes this episode is that I share a bit about my observations of these communities but also encourages again involved in online communities that suit you finding friends all over the world are organising their weddings, being able to share your highs and lows can be really supportive, it's just finding the right people.

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