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Dec 8, 2016

I spoke briefly about Bridechilla Kaitlyn’s wedding planner dramas in last week’s wedding planning Q&A episode and I am happy to bring you her interview on today’s show. Kaitlyn kindly shares some of the pros and cons of hiring vendors overseas and relying on ratings and reviews to find wedding professionals. As a level-headed, take no bullshit, Bridechilla Kaitlyn quickly figured out that the wedding planner that she and her fiancé hired wasn’t pulling her weight and was subcontracting the work instead of handling the job herself. As the bad reviews started to pile up and the planner took weeks to reply to Kaitlyn’s emails, she quickly made a decision to cut the cord and find new help. She shares some practical advice about how to decide if people are legit and stay calm when things go slightly off course. I know you will enjoy this show and find value in her advice and experiences! 

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