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Hello and welcome to the Bridechilla Podcast!
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Dec 8, 2016

You have many wedding planning questions and we...yes, he's back, have the answers. Rich is co-hosting the show, (whilst cooking dinner).  

Photographer and Bridechilla Elena Is after some advice about how to include her brother in her wedding in a meaningful way and she's worried that being so ahead of the game in her wedding planning that she will unwittingly be using future trends that are new now but may look cookie cutter later. (Visit Elena’s photography site here

Bridechilla Anna form Manchester is feeling anxious about being the center of attention, especially walking down the aisle- how does she combat those feelings and enjoy the day?

We share a hilarious voice message from Bridechilla Kate who was concerned about her engagement part falling so close to the election. Can you ask people to stop talking about politics!?

Finally bridechilla graduate Kelli left me a Facebook Message asking why are people so insistent that marriage will be hard!

A fabulous bunch of questions!

All that and a lot, lot more on the #1 wedding planning podcast, The Bridechilla Podcast!


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