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Mar 13, 2017

A much-requested topic- manners, guest etiquette and what we can do to help our guests not make us cray! Inspired by your questions and a fabulous blog post by one of this episode's guest Kristen, there are a bunch of key takeaways that I know you will find valuable in your wedding planning.
My guests, friends of the Bridechilla Podcast, Cristina from and Kristen from Kristen's post 'Don't be that Wedding Guest' explores some of the ways that other people's behavior and poor judgment can negatively influence your experience as a Bridechilla. Now, we know we cant make people behave a certain way and we certainly aren't suggesting or encouraging, any totalitarian leader style moves however with extra planning and plenty of positive communication we know you can lay the foundations of great manners and etiquette from those around you. As always, I love sharing time with Cristina and Kristen. They're Bridechilla Graduates, entrepreneurs and sassy ladies who are full of great information to help make your wedding planning a piece of cake!

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