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Jun 5, 2017

My very clever guest is Jacqueline Strum founder of ThirstyNest, the world's first curated wine and spirits registry. This episode is everything you need to get the lowdown on alcohol at your wedding… and beyond. Jacki shares her tips on how to order wine & spirits for a large crowd (a much-asked question in the wedding planning world- how much to order and what type of alcohol should we serve? Do you have to go fancy? Will anyone notice? What do you do if you over order? We share some tips for creating a signature cocktail and not having your guests needing to be carried out of the venue before 6pm!

If you are intimidated by purchasing wine, don’t fear! Jacki shares terms to sound like a wine PRO, without being a douche! Including ‘Malolactic Fermentation, Terroir, Tasting Terms - Lean, Oak, Earthy, Burnt Rubber, Barnyard, Catpiss (yes, really)’. She also breaks down how to choose a wine that will age well as a Gift - Types to Consider, Storage etc.

An info-packed awesome episode, not to be missed. ThirstyNest has a veteran team of hospitality industry experts who will guide you to picking the best quality wines, spirits & drinkware for your home that actually reflect the way modern couples live & entertain. If you don’t need ‘house stuff’ then I highly recommend a visit to

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