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Feb 29, 2016

In this episode I feature an interview with my best friend Daniel Burt. Dan was my best man at our wedding and he is highly regarded and experienced comedian writer and performer. Today is all about your bridal party… in particular MOH’s and best men. What their responsibilities and roles and more importantly how do...

Feb 28, 2016

In episode 097 of the Save The Date Wedding Podcast, I am delighted to be joined again by Jen, the DIY wedding queen from for part 2 of our special wedding hair series. As well as having the best wedding craft tutorial website around, Jen is a hairdresser (now retired) with over 13 years...

Feb 26, 2016

#FridayQuickie…Rich joins me for this episode! It's fun. Enough said.

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Feb 25, 2016

Very happy to be joined by Sixty Secrets to a Happy Bride author Alex Miles on this Q&A Thursday episode of The Save The Date Wedding Podcast! SO much to love about this episode...Alex is a fellow Aussie, loves a laugh and provides some fabulous, practical advice on the show covering everything from skin care to...

Feb 22, 2016

Sixty Secrets to a Happy Bride author Alex Miles joins me to talk wedding planning worries and how to clear the emotional cache when it comes to the pressure of perfection and the self inflicted problem of the bullshit surrounding the lead up to weddings. I really enjoyed this candid and super fun interview…bask in...