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Mar 31, 2016

Some beauties this week from my #bridechillas…questions that challenged me (just how I like it). Kate is three weeks out from her wedding and a dressmaker has done a hatchet job on her gown…what to do?...firstly I get really mad on her behalf and then I hopefully provide some calm and useful suggestions about...

Mar 28, 2016

Today on the Save The Date Wedding Podcast, we take a slightly different tact to the ‘normal podcast’ and invite you on a little/big relationship journey with us, moving house and going to IKEA. Last weekend Rich and I hired a van and carted all of our belongings across town and up a LOT of stairs. Along the way we...

Mar 25, 2016

It's good friday and damn girl it is a good friday because it is #fridayquickie time!

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Mar 24, 2016

On today’s Q&A Thursday…how do you incorporate your Stepdad and Dad in your wedding…finding a balance between their roles? Dealing with jealousy in your bridal party and friendship group and a lovely response from #bridechilla Eadaoin who shares an update on her wedding.

All that and a lot, lot more on the Save...

Mar 21, 2016

Tina Hoang-To from, a fabulous all in one venue finder website, joins me today to share some of her favourite cool tech tools to help you plan your wedding. She’s ahead of the game with some excellent suggestions that I am excited to learn more about with you!

All that and a lot, lot more on the Save...